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How We're Kicking Off 2022

Hello friends of ETH, hope you all are well. Here's a look at what we've been up to, as well as what we have planned for 2022!

Holiday Drive Fundraiser 2021-22 - As a reminder, the ETH Holiday Drive ends January 30th! Currently, donation figures stand at $27,400 in general funds and $8,800 in chapter-specific funds.

We cannot thank enough those who have already generously contributed to our cause, and encourage those who haven't to seriously consider, as donations of as little as $5 can provide life-saving care for patients. In an effort to connect our supporters with those we serve, provide perspective, and advocate for underserved populations, we regularly share (with permission) the names, faces, and stories of our community members in Buyende District.

One such individual is Namukose Victo:

A humble farmer and mother of seven, Victo expresses that her life is far different from what she once thought it would be. As a young girl, Victo dreamed of becoming a hairdresser or tailor when she was older, but lost her chance when she unexpectedly became pregnant in primary seven (early adolescence). While other girls continued their educations, she was forced to take on the full-time job of farming to provide for herself and her children. Though her past aspirations are now no more, Victo is hopeful for the future of her children, and says she looks forward to educating them and helping them fulfill the dreams she never got to.

Read Namukose Victo's full story at empowerthroughhealth on Instagram.

When you support our work, you help to ensure children like Victo's grow up happy, healthy, and empowered to achieve their life goals.


For those looking to get involved with us in person and on the ground, we have some big announcements to share!

Empower Through Health is Hiring - Are you a current student or recent graduate looking for the gap year opportunity of a lifetime? ETH is looking to hire passionate, motivated and flexible volunteers (with stipend) to serve as co-Field Directors in Uganda! Through on-site public health work and organizational management, Field Directors will develop skills in experiential leadership and cross-cultural collaboration, all while making a tangible impact. Read the full position description and apply here.

Current ETH Field Directors Roshan Sivakumar and Nick Slimmon visit with Uganda Christian University fellows Abraham Musimenta, Asasira Mildred, Isabella Kiden and Katongole Ivan at UCU campus.

GHEF 2022 - Applications for 2022's Global Health Experiential Fellowship are out! Students interested in this immersive 6-week program should read more at, attend the virtual Q&A session on January 30th at 12:30 pm EST, and apply by February 14th.

Fellows from the helminthic infections team conduct focus group discussions during GHEF 2021


As we enter a whole new year, we look forward to continuing to provide quality care for some of the world's most vulnerable. Whether you're just joining the ETH community or have been with us from the start, we appreciate your support immensely. Without contacts like you, all the work we've done and are still doing would not be possible!



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