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2024 ETH Global Health
Experiential Fellowship

The Global Health Experiential Fellowship (GHEF) is an eight-and-a-half-week hybrid experience for college students and graduate / medical students. You will work alongside Ugandan undergraduate and masters level students on a high-impact research project in a key topic related to global health. Fellows have the chance to continue their work after the summer and publish a paper on their research in a key topic related to global health. 

The goals of the fellowship are to promote intercultural understanding and provide exposure to collaborative and equitable global health practice, implementation science, and research.


Fellows will live and work in Mpunde Village, located in the heart of Eastern Uganda, in Buyende District, an area without paved roads, running water, or electricity infrastructure. This is an opportunity for motivated, passionate, high-achieving students to develop hands-on experience in global health, epidemiology and public health research.

As with all ETH projects, equity is a core value of the Global Health Experiential Fellowship. Americans and Ugandans working alongside one another fosters an environment of multicultural collaboration and builds  a strong foundation for students from all backgrounds to become future leaders in global health.

Many global health experiences, such as building a well or repainting a school, do not build your professional skills. ETH focuses on building transferable skills valuable in any profession, but particularly medicine, public health, implementation science, and research.

Students will obtain hands-on research experience from ETH's network of global health experts. This summer, we are very excited to offer mentorship from some of the world's most eminent global mental health practitioners at Yale University and Harvard / MGH.

Fellows will also have the chance to continue their work by contributing to the manuscript writing and publishing process, and those who do so will receive co-authorship on a peer-reviewed research paper.

Lindsey Skole (GHEF 2021)

"I learned so much about myself, learned about the world around me, learned so much about the best way to conduct research and make a difference in the world of global health."

Alyssa Walsh (GHEF 2021)

"The Fellowship definitely strengthened my professional skills. I would go back to Uganda in a heartbeat and I wish I could do the Fellowship all over again"

Anoop Sunkara (GHEF 2021)

"My experience completely changed my persepctive on global health and through conversations with village members I learned the importance of working hand-in-hand with the community you are serving."
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