Global Health Experiential Internship

The Empower Through Health (ETH) Global Health Experiential Internship gives self-directed students a unique opportunity to work on an intercultural team for an immersive collaborative experience on a customized global health project. Interns will be placed on a team consisting of American high school students and Ugandan public health professionals.

Interns will be living in Mpunde Village in Uganda for three weeks with students from other teams to implement their projects, which can consist of research, community educational programs, and/or direct project implementation. Before their three-week experience, interns will have the opportunity to work with global health practitioners and to conceptualize, develop, and prepare for a community project. They will also receive two virtual sessions of pre-orientation cultural training. During the internship, participants will also benefit from weekly global health didactics and receive daily mentoring and supervision from the ETH team. ETH team will continue mentorship after the internship to keep interns up to date on their projects. 


The American high school interns selected may work with the existing ETH chapters or have plans to join or found an ETH chapter at their school after the internship and demonstrate intercultural competence and potential for leadership. The interns’ projects will consist of a topic relevant to ETH’s work in the community. We believe that this will maximize longitudinal learning as well as sustainability of future projects. 


Student-led high school projects work to increase global health awareness on campus, educate peers on global health issues, encourage students to reach out for global health opportunities, and raise funds for a specific global health topic, interventions, and resources through ETH’s commitment to provide essential health services to the world’s underserved population in Uganda.


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