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What We Accomplished This Summer

Wrapping Up Our First Summer Fellowship

Hello friends of ETH,

Hope you’ve had an amazing summer! We know we have...

It’s been a little over two weeks since the last fellows of our Global Health Experiential Fellowship left Uganda, concluding two 6-week sessions of American and Ugandan students living and working in Mpunde village. Beyond taking part in on-site global health research and capacity building, fellows were exposed to new cultures and ways of life through their interactions with both Ugandan fellows and the residents of villages in which they worked. For many, meeting patients face-to-face in the field was vital to understanding where and in what ways their interventions could be most effective.

During the second session, all three of our teams worked on a near daily basis with village health teams (VHTs) to complete the surveys, educational talks, and discussions required for their respective projects. Despite challenges like weather or language barriers, fellows from each team seemed to unanimously agree they felt their projects were a success. In order to report our teams' summer work in an in-depth but easily digestible format, we'll be sending out update emails later this month showcasing each chapter's projects, listed below:

1) Helminthic Infections (Washington University in St. Louis, Uganda Christian University) 2) Mental Health (Williams College, Ohio State University, Uganda Christian University) 3) Contraception & Family Planning (University of Michigan, Uganda Christian University)

To see how these projects are being continued in the coming months, stay tuned for future ETH communications, and make sure to check our YouTube channel tomorrow for the first episode of our BRAND NEW ETH VLOG, presented by Roshan Sivakumar and yours truly!

Additionally, we’re very excited to announce that the Empower Through Health apparel store is officially OPEN. Check out the current merch available here:

As always, we want to thank contacts like you for your continued support. Your engagement is an integral part of the work we do and we greatly appreciate it!

If you have questions regarding this summer’s work, future programs, or anything else, please reach out to

Sincerely, Nick

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