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Support the Mpunde Health Center Fundraiser

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Dear friends and family,

I hope that you’re having a great holiday season.

As we all enter this season of festivities and spending time with our loved ones, the ETH team has been busy launching the Mpunde Health Center. The center had a “soft open” just over a month ago and its grand opening on Thanksgiving!

This health center is located in the village of Mpunde in eastern Uganda. Before the health center opened, the 20,000 people in our catchment region surrounding the village of Mpunde would need to save around $10 just for transport to an often undersupplied hospital, and then ride motorcycles along very bad roads for many hours to get there.

Almost all of our patients are subsistence farmers who make roughly $50 a year per families of 10 on average. Imagine using 20% of your annual income just for transport to a hospital that does not even have medicine half of the time!

Now with ETH’s Mpunde Health Center, a region of 20,000 people has convenient access to quality healthcare.

To Keep the Mpunde Health Center going, we need your help.

That’s why we have made a fundraising campaign this holiday season, from December 1st through January 1st, to support the Mpunde Health Center. If we raise just $10,000, we can support a whole year of operations at the Mpunde Health Center. You can learn more about the campaign in our recent blog post here.

Some ETH team members have graciously given their time and energy to fundraising. If you would like to join them as a fundraiser, contribute to one of these fundraisers, or donate directly to the campaign, or you can do so here:

Support The Mpunde Health Center

We will do everything in our power to ensure that our catchment population has the best care possible. We strive to build a healthcare model that can be replicated across the world in low-income countries.

It is remarkable that we can make such a marked difference in the lives of so many. With your support, we can continue in our mission to empower the world’s most vulnerable to live in better health and give people agency to determine their own destinies.

Sincerely, Jae Lee Co-Founder and CEO Empower Through Health

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