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Ritah's Story

If you’ve seen any content on ETH over the past 9 months or so, it’s thanks to Ritah Namutamba. In addition to being a star Data Collector, Ritah takes ETH’s photos, conducts the interviews and has recently starting writing our blog posts and email updates.

Ritah’s work creating content bridges the gap between the hard work put in by our team in Uganda and our supporters around the world.

Ritah's Story

Ritah is passionate about global health, women’s rights, and maternal health, in addition to being an excellent writer and photographer. She is also co-founder of the GIRLY Network, which works to combat sexual violence. ETH is lucky to have her on our team.

Watch an interview we recently conducted with Ritah to learn about her experiences and how her life drivers her work for ETH.

Want to support Ritah and ETH?

Consider a donation to ETH to support our continued work to make Eastern Uganda a better, healthier, and more just place.

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