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2020 Holiday Drive for Empower Through Health

We're excited to launch the 2020 Annual Holiday Drive!

From now, November 1st, 2020 through December 31 2020 or until our goal is reached, the Empower Through Health team is fundraising to support and sustain operations of the Mpunde Health Center. If we raise just $20,000, we can bridge the gap in our operating budget to support another year of healthcare at our Mpunde Health Center! Click Here to Visit our Fundraising Page The campaign this year will include 3 main events: 1 Impact and Vision presentation, 1 Ugandan Cooking Class, and the start of our Monthly Donor Series. Stay tuned for updates!

Learn more about our impact and how you can participate in our 2020 Holiday Campaign

Mpunde Health Center Impact Data

Our core medical outpost, Mpunde Health Center (MHC), serves a growing population of 70,000 people in 54 villages across the Buyende district of eastern Uganda. Since opening in November 2018, Mpunde HC has had the following impact on our community:

  • 10,970 total patients have accessed and utilized healthcare and life saving preventative services including general medicine, vaccines and immunizations, and maternal healthcare since the opening of MHC.

  • 359 women have accessed antenatal care and 212 newborn babies have been delivered by our midwife.

  • Free immunizations have been administered to 4,628 total children and adults, in partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Health.

  • 847 total individuals have received treatment and/or immunization for malaria, cataracts, and/or tuberculosis.

  • 4,628 total individuals have received immunization for malaria, cataracts, and/or tuberculosis.

  • 3 Master of Public Health students from Saint Louis University gained global health experience and carried out a research project exploring on the factors affecting maternal and child health care utilization and mapping appropriate ways forward with community involvement.

Global Health Institute Impact

  • Empower Through Health built a Global Health Institute where solutions to extraordinary challenges in global health can be addressed through interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.

  • 19 undergraduate students from The University of Michigan, Washington University in St Louis, Williams College and The University of Chicago completed the 10-week Empower Through Health Global Leaders Fellowship during the 2020 Summer.

  • 5 Chapters have been formally established throughout the nation to tackle a global public health issue from a college campus to help improve health outcomes in the catchment area of the MHC and the Buyende District of Uganda. Click on the links below to learn in detail about the projects.

    • Students Against Malnutrition Chapter

    • Students Against Parasitic Diseases Chapter

    • Williams College Chapter

    • Students Against Malaria Chapter

Stand with ETH in support of providing healthcare in Mpunde and beyond!

ETH friends & family will be utilizing peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, which is a team effort that relies on peers reaching out into their social networks. You can participate in our fundraiser in the following ways:

"It is our mission to improve healthcare access to the world's most vulnerable by providing direct evidence based medical care, helping build local healthcare capacity, and addressing root causes of poor health outcomes with the full participation of communities. Armed with our intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborative strength, we seek to find scalable solutions to the issues that affect these vulnerable communities and work with them to develop resilient households and communities.

We view sickness as an expression of a life under adverse conditions. Those conditions must also be addressed to ensure good health outcomes. When our patients are ill, we will do whatever it takes to cure and heal them. When our patients do not have the resources required to live life with dignity, we will do everything that we can to empower them to achieve their full potential. The world is our community, and our patients are our family"

- Empower Through Health team

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