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Updates, Info on Fellowships, & More!

Hello friends of ETH, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself- I’m Nick Slimmon, Vice President External of ETH’s undergraduate chapter at Washington University in St. Louis. Going forward, I’ll be taking on the job of delivering the Empower Through Health newsletter to your mailbox every six or so weeks! Now for some important updates…


As our 2020-2021 annual holiday drive draws to a close, we are excited to announce we’ve collectively raised $25,796, with $6,464 in general funds, and $19,332 for chapter-specific projects! These funds will be integral to assuring the administrative needs of our organization, namely through Mpunde Health Center, are met.

Through our university chapter kickstarter, we were also able to raise $6,215 toward the Students at Wash U chapter’s schistosomiasis eradication campaign, $4,376 toward the Students Against Malnutrition chapter’s anti-malnutrition campaign, $2,867 toward the UMichigan chapter’s contraception & women’s empowerment campaign, $2,726 toward the UChicago chapter’s malaria control campaign, and $2,608 toward the Williams chapter’s mental health campaign. We look forward to seeing the amazing things we can accomplish with these much-needed resources.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, which enables us to act on our core mission of improving healthcare access, helping build healthcare capacity, and addressing root causes of poor health outcomes with the full participation of communities. Even across the world in this time of separation, YOU are a vital part of making our on-the-ground operations possible. Thank you!

Introducing the Global Health Experiential Fellowship!

For those who haven’t already heard, we are very excited to announce that in summer 2021, we will be hosting an experiential, in-person fellowship on the ground in Uganda! Open to undergraduate and graduate students at both American and Ugandan universities, the GHEF fellowship aims to give self-directed students a unique opportunity to work on an intercultural team for an immersive collaborative project on a customized global health project. Fellows will be placed on a team consisting of three to four American students and two Ugandan students.

University Chapter Program

With the 1-year anniversary of our university chapter program just months away, we’d like to thank those who have made the success of each chapter possible- from our fellows to donors to even new recruits, you have continually made us proud with everything you’ve accomplished. Stay tuned for more updates about our chapters’ on-campus and on-the-ground initiatives!

At the moment, we are also looking to expand ETH’s reach on college campuses through founding new chapters of motivated, enthusiastic undergraduate students. If you or anyone you know is interested in global health research or advocacy work on public health initiatives through a cross-cultural, collaborative model, please apply HERE.

Global Health Lecture Series

Thank you to everyone who attended Wash U ETH’s recent guest lecture by Dr. David Ansari! For those who couldn’t attend and would like to view the recording, please click here to visit our recording on YouTube. Future guest lectures hosted by university chapters will be posted on the Empower Through Health instagram.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting volunteer hours for attending these talks, please contact us at for a Volunteering Acknowledgement form.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to promote the Williams chapter’s new podcast series, the ETHcast! Focused around public health and education, the podcast can be found on both Spotify or at this link. The first episode, posted earlier this month, is a discussion on mental health with Assistant Professor of Psychology Shivon Robinson.

Once again…

Thank you for your continued support! Contacts like you are appreciated more than words can describe, and make all the great work of our chapters possible. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email we’re always happy to talk.

Sincerely, Nick

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