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Empower Through Health (ETH) is building a Global Health Institute (GHI) where solutions to extraordinary challenges in global health can be addressed through interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.


Armed with our collaborative strength, we seek to find scalable solutions to the issues that affect the most vulnerable and work with them to develop resilient households and communities.

We recognize our mission through providing direct preventive and acute medical care driven by community participation, conducting multidisciplinary research projects to advance the frontiers of knowledge in global health delivery, and educating a future generation of global leaders to become socially responsible global citizens.

To achieve the goal of advancing global health through research, ETH has begun scaling its Global Health Institute (GHI) to include six undergraduate, one medical school, and two high school chapters. 


This network of student-led groups across the United States is dedicated to advancing global health equity. Our chapters bring together passionate and motivated students from a variety of academic backgrounds to learn, collaborate, and take action on pressing global health issues. Through partnerships with local and international organizations, our chapters develop and implement innovative solutions to improve health outcomes in underserved communities around the world.


As part of the Empower Through Health community, our chapter members gain valuable experience in leadership, teamwork, and community engagement, while making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. 

Our Goals: 

Foster cultural immersion and humility

Projects in consultation with global health practitioners after discussion regarding interests and goals of your team

Practical experience and classroom didactics

ETH fosters a supportive environment through providing academic, organizational, and cultural mentorship to each of the chapters. Additionally, faculty members at the respective American universities and at Ugandan universities with expertise in the topic of the chapters’ research also mentor the chapters. Through this framework, we envision future faculty-level institutional collaboration on projects through our infrastructure.

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