Empower Through Health (ETH) is building a Global Health Institute (GHI) where solutions to extraordinary challenges in global health can be addressed through interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.


Armed with our collaborative strength, we seek to find scalable solutions to the issues that affect the most vulnerable and work with them to develop resilient households and communities.

We recognize our mission through providing direct preventive and acute medical care driven by community participation, conducting multidisciplinary research projects to advance the frontiers of knowledge in global health delivery, and educating a future generation of global leaders to become socially responsible global citizens.


Educating future leaders to become globally aware and fight inequity.

Global Leaders Fellowship (GLF) is a program that permits undergraduate student groups to gain valuable experience in devising, implementing, and researching public health interventions targeting a specific global health challenge.


Our inaugural class included 19 undergraduate students from five elite American universities organized into five chapters based on the university. Each chapter has its own global health project with a planned launch date of January 2021.

Meet Our Chapters

To achieve the goal of advancing global health through research, ETH is scaling its Global Health Institute (GHI) to initiate five implementation research projects with collaboration from members of five separate American universities in the beginning of 2021.


These projects will include community-based treatment for psychosis in rural areas of low-income countries, efficacy of mass drug administration for helminthic infections, women’s empowerment through contraception, approaches to prevent malaria, and development of a “super-food” to address malnutrition.


Students Against Malnutrition 


Development of a “super-food” to address malnutrition


Students Against Malaria


Approaches to prevent malaria

Students Against Parasitic Diseases

Parasitic Diseases 

Efficacy of mass drug administration for helminthic infections


Female Empowerment


Women’s empowerment through contraception

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Community-based treatment for psychosis in rural areas of low-income countries

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Academic, Cultural, and Organizational Advisors


Advisors and consultants that work across leadership and help ensure that the GHI’s mission – educating future leaders to become globally aware and fight inequity – informs all its programs and activities

News & Updates

During the summer of 2020 and the school year, the Global Leaders Fellows receive didactics, guest lectures, and case studies to develop competencies in global health. During the school year, each chapter recruits students with goals of fostering an environment that promotes global social responsibility and raising money for their chapter’s project.


Over the future summers, select students from each chapter will have opportunities to help ETH conduct monitoring and evaluation research of their programs.

ETH fosters a supportive environment through providing academic,
organizational, and cultural mentorship to each of the chapters. Additionally,
faculty members at the respective American universities and at Ugandan
universities with expertise in the topic of the chapters’ research also mentor the
chapters. Through this framework, we envision future faculty-level institutional
collaboration on projects through our infrastructure.

Each chapter has its own global health project with a planned launch date ofJanuary 2021.

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