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Serving 54 Villages and 70,000 Patients


What We Do

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In rural Uganda, people suffer from conditions that modern medicine has learned to address decades ago. Children die of malaria because of medicine stock-outs, numerous disabilities occur because of lack of reliable medical care, and millions live with chronic debilitating neglected tropical diseases. We bring the resources of modern medicine to the populations that need it the most.


We seek to bring to light neglected conditions and find innovative sustainable solutions to manage and treat diseases of poverty. We draw upon our intercultural and interdisciplinary strength to work in partnership with local communities to find innovations that empower the most vulnerable to live in better health and with greater agency.


We help the community develop sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation through community-run enterprises that produce needed products. We seek to limit capital outflow and instead, keep critical resources in the community to build a culture of self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

It is our mission to improve healthcare access to the world's most vulnerable by providing direct evidence based medical care, helping build local healthcare capacity, and addressing root causes of poor health outcomes with the full participation of communities. Armed with our intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborative strength, we seek to find scalable solutions to the issues that affect these vulnerable communities and work with them to develop resilient households and communities. We view sickness as an expression of a life under adverse conditions. Those conditions must also be addressed to ensure good health outcomes.

When our patients are ill, we will do whatever it takes to cure and heal them. When our patients do not have the resources required to live life with dignity, we will do everything that we can to empower them to achieve their full potential. The world is our community, and our patients are our family.



Any contribution makes a difference.

Empower Through Health is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on the generous contribution of individuals to finance our clinical operations. ETH operates with minimal administrative overhead, so any donations we receive will be used to help us serve our patients.


We humbly accept your gracious contribution.