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Students for mental health 


Chapters: Williams College, The Ohio State University


Community Education and Inpatient Clinic:
Psychosis Intervention in Uganda

"Mental health is an integral part of health and well-being that can be impacted by a range of socioeconomic factors ranging from income level to access to resources. Conceptualized as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community,”. Mental health is not only a
global public good but a fundamental right for all people"

- Williams ETH Chapter 



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Emma Tapscott.jpg

Emma Tapscott, 
& Fundraising Chair

 As a fervent reader, I am passionate about the power of literature to push us outside of ourselves; I believe that writers essentially teach us how to live, in affirming that all human beings have dignity, agency, and narratives that deserve our imagination. As I consider careers after college, I hope to translate that passion for people’s stories into actual change and connection

Grace Kim.jpeg

Grace Kim, 
& Social Chair 


After experiencing life in the Iganga district for a month, the realities of stark contrast between my life in Iowa. I gained a heightened passion to ensure accessible, reliable healthcare for lower income communities.
 I believe that every person has a niche they can fill in the world of global health, whether it is connecting to potential donors or educating college students on issues rarely in the headlines

Chelsea Taylor.jpg

Chelsea Taylor, Recruitment &
Internal Operations Chair

 I believe that it is imperative to use my position of privilege as a Williams student and US citizen to further access to healthcare on a global scale in order to better the lives of those in underserved communities.

Stephanie Teng.JPG

Stephanie Teng,
Treasurer, National Organizational Chair

 I firmly believe that we have the necessary resources and ability to address our most urgent needs as a species, but we are not using our potential to the fullest. I want to help everyone reach their full potential, discover the power of knowledge within themselves, and progress along with others in search of a better future

Research Project

Community Education and Inpatient Clinic:
Psychosis Intervention in Uganda

About the Project

Fall 2020

Welcome to the homepage of Williams ETH! To learn more about what we have been doing as a student organization in 2020, see the video below!

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