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Students against    Helminthic infections  


Chapters: Washington University in St. Louis, University of Pennsylvania


Eradication of Helminthic Infections in the Busoga Subregion of Uganda

Key Goals:
To eradicate schistosomiasis within the Busoga subregion of Uganda;
to increase public support for and value of health interventions

-Helminthic Infections Chapter



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Roshan Sivakumar, President

Global health is necessary to address global inequality and to help people around the world leave poverty and live longer and healthier lives.
I believe it is my duty to improve global health by bringing the healthcare that’s taken for granted in some regions of the world to other areas that lack those resources

Ayush Halder Headshot.jpeg

Ayush Halder, Treasurer & National Board Events Chair

Global health is critical to understanding the lives of all people and becoming better informed global citizens. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is paramount that we work to improve healthcare for all!


Nicholas Slimmon,
VP External

I believe that as informed global citizens, it is our responsibility to remain aware of public health issues plaguing other nations, and seek out avenues of providing support in whatever way we can

Uma Paithankar Headshot.PNG

Uma Paithankar,
VP Internal

Global health is a field where we can collaborate to improve healthcare access and bridge the health disparities that exist in our world today. It is imperative that I use my position of privilege to take action to address health issues, especially in the world's more marginalized communities

Research Project

Eradication of Helminthic Infections in the Busoga Subregion of Uganda

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