Students against malnutrition


"We intend to reduce undernutrition and micronutrient deficiency in the Busoga Region through a sustainable locally-cultivated superfood and nutritional training that increased public awareness of nutritious cooking practices"

- Students Against Malnutrition



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Anoop Sunkara,
Co-Vice President

Global health is important to me because I am often reminded of my place as a global citizen, and the ensuing responsibility we have to care for our neighbors across the world. As a part of the Global Leaders Fellowship, I hope to become a more globally oriented neighbor that is an advocate for others

Kanisha Bahierathan, President

Global health is important to me because tackling the world’s most pressing issues in a compassionate manner is key to shedding light on viable solutions for improving quality of life. Taking part in these humanitarian approaches continues to enable me to broaden my perspective on my own role as a global leader and a proponent for equality

Colin Stoll, 
Co-Vice President

Research Project

A Sustainable Model to Decrease Malnutrition in the Busoga Region of Uganda with a specific focus on mothers and children under the age of 5