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STudents for contraception, family planning, & Maternal Health



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Chapters: University of Michigan, Cornell University

Women’s Empowerment through Contraception

 "Gender norms regarding sexual health and reproduction emphasize male strength and power, which can easily lead to gender based and sexual violence. Men often control household resources, while women are expected to take care of children and complete housework. Stereotypes also put forth the idea that men should not be involved in any aspect of maternal and reproductive healthcare. This unequal division of labor hinders the ability of women to be financially independent, which is combined with the lack of involvement of husbands in maternal healthcare, ultimately makes it difficult for women to afford and access proper reproductive healthcare"

- UMichigan ETH Chapter


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Stephanie Johnson,
​VP & National Board 

I am passionate about women’s health and believe access to healthcare is a fundamental right so that people are able to live happy and healthy lives. I am so excited to see our project continue to develop throughout the year!

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Celia Goldberg, 

I became involved in ETH in order to be more informed about global health disparities, and gain some perspective on the specific health resources that may not be as readily available across the world! I am so excited to be working with ETH to discover proactive solutions to improve sexual and reproductive health in Uganda, and empower women to make important life decisions!


Annella Benjamin

Director of Internal Affairs

I am hoping to pursue a career in global health, specifically regarding the intersections between women's health, female empowerment, and climate change. I am looking forward to further collaboration and project development with Michigan's ETH chapter this year!

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Katie Davis


Congratulations to our newly elected officers:

Treasurer: Joanna Huerta

Co-Directors of Research Development: Rachel Krann and Ally Vogelheim

Director of Project Coordination: Anna Saewert

Director of Public Relations: Xindi Chang

Director of Fundraising: Phoebe Lawrence

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