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Students For Environmental Health


Chapters: University of Chicago


To decrease the amount of pollution near households to improve overall health outcomes in the Busoga Region of Uganda



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Biren Reddy


Junsung Kim

Global health is important to me because I believe that the improved status of global health is important in bridging the disparities of healthcare between the wealthy and underprivileged nations, as well as providing people of underprivileged nations with the same opportunities of success as those in more urbanized countries . In addition, I think that the continuous development of human civilization can only be achieved when all the countries of the world are in comparable socioeconomic  status, and global health is one of the critical steps to reaching that goal. Hence, as much as I find global health to be important to me, I believe that it should also be important to the rest of the world as well.


Greg A

Global health is important to me because I understand that people from many third-world countries suffer from health complications that we would deem minor here in America. Socioeconomic differences cause much pain to these territories that are still developing. Women and children in many of these nations suffer due to unsatisfactory conditions of a health system. It is great to advocate for global health because we as humans should see a world where everyone can prosper and live a longer life rather than face complications straight out of the womb.

Melanie Fong Headshot.jpg

Melanie Fong

Empower Through Health’s mission to improve healthcare access and commitment to advocacy and empowerment resonated strongly with me, and I was immediately attracted to the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with communities in Uganda to address the area’s most pressing global health issues. I hoped not only to be able to utilize my current skill set to contribute positively and meaningfully to these communities, but I also looked forward to expanding my knowledge and perspective of different cultures and global health issues.

Research Project

Developing a Cost-effective and Sustainable Intervention Method to Decrease the Spread of Malaria in the Busoga Region of Uganda

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