Our Current Projects


Dyspepsia Research

An initial baseline survey we conducted discovered that 57.9% of the population suffer from dyspepsia. Based on this data, Washington University School of Medicine has taken initiative to conduct a study treating patients accordingly. 


Mpunde Health Center

We operate a health center conducting basic outpatient and inpatient care, maternity services, and family planning. We are the main source of healthcare for a catchment area of 54 villages and 70,000 people directly serving around 1000 patients per month. We partner with the Ugandan government in administering immunizations to our catchment area. 

Global Leaders Fellowship

The Empower Through Health Global Leaders Fellowship gives self-directed undergraduate students a unique leadership opportunity to help develop a grassroots Empower Through Health ‘Chapter’ at their respective universities, in order to collaboratively tackle some of rural Uganda’s most pressing global health issues. Fellows have the opportunity to work with public health professionals and academics from a variety of intercultural backgrounds and experiences.



Our advocacy work calling attention to neglected healthcare issues in Uganda has been featured in Scientific American, Public Radio International, Global Health NOW, and Pulitzer Center for Crises Reporting. Our reporting has won the national Mark of Excellence Award for outstanding in-depth reporting. We recognize that advocacy plays an important part in improving health outcomes.

2018 Annual Report

In early 2018, we started Empower Through Health with the belief that everyone is equally valuable and deserves a fair chance to determine their own destinies.


Over the past year we’ve taken big steps to realize this goal, but this is only the beginning.

2019 Annual Report


In 2019, we gave 8,192 patients medical care and given the upward trend of patients, we expect the number in 2020 to be closer to 12,000 or more giving people previously without access to modern essential medical services.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our work.