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Updates on COVID-19

Over the last few months, COVID-19 has caused us all to reevaluate every aspect of our lives. 

It has propelled the field of public health to the forefront of discussion and has reinforced the need for greater public health capacity in laboratory testing, data analysis, infectious disease research, education, epidemiology, community outreach, and more. 

We thank you so much for your passionate support for some of the world's most vulnerable communities during this challenging time. Your generous #StimulusPledge donations have been overwhelming. Through courageous support of people like you, we have raised $2,820. Your continued dedication to this cause has helped to further promote the spread of basic, quality, and affordable health care for communities facing intensifying risk.

Your donations have helped us to provide:

  • 40 hand-washing facilities 

  • Soap and other detergents for families who need it the most 

  • COVID-19 posters and information disseminated throughout villages and Mpunde Health Center

Hand-washing facilities in 10 different villages have been established in public places, including boreholes where people can wash their hands before handling the borehole pump and accessing water. Local community health workers, also called Village Health Teams (VHTs), have been vital in showing our team where the boreholes are located and used throughout the villages of Buyende. VHTs have been leaders in supervising the hand-washing stations and making sure proper hand-washing is taking place at all times. 

A big thank you to everyone who tuned into to the live viewing of the COVID-19 Documentary & Discussion Watch Party.

Your support means everything.

In case you missed the live discussion with our ETH Uganda team, click here! Catch the COVID-19 Documentary below!

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch more videos from our amazing staff!


Challenges Despite the challenges of transportation, ETH has continued serving its community to make sure the health center does not run out of medicine.

Here are some photos of Faizol, who braved a flooded and bumpy journey by motorcycle to deliver medicine to Mpunde Health Center.


COVID-19 Posters

These posters were made and disseminated throughout several villages with the help of VHTs . More updates and pictures of COVID-19 public health interventions are soon to come! For live updates on COVID-19 in Uganda, click here


We hope you and your loved ones are staying happy, healthy and safe wherever you are.

Check back soon.

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