The Staff


Ibrahim Ssekalo, MPH, Executive Director, Co-Founder

Ibrahim Ssekalo is a Global Health specialist. He works towards reducing health disparities and improving health for the community, basing at Uganda Development and Health Associates. He currently works as a study Coordinator for a WHO-funded research project to address priority immunization issues. Ibrahim obtained his bachelor’s degree in Community Health from Uganda Christian University. He also holds a Master’s degree in International Public Health from Uppsala University, Sweden. Prior to studying for his masters in Sweden, Ibrahim worked as a Manager for McNeil Medical Centre where he initiated various health projects in partnership with the locals for empowerment. Ibrahim possesses strong analytical skills for creating programming for subjects such as reproductive and adolescent health, diarrhea prevention, HIV/AIDS mainstreaming and gender-based violence.  Ibrahim loves to read, play chess, and travel.

Kazungu Rauben, Research Coordinator

Kazungu is a medical practitioner and research scientist focused on improving people's nutritional and general health from low-income communities. Kazungu assists communities in Eastern Uganda by focusing on nutrition and health education. Kazungu is also a Masters student in Applied Human Nutrition at Makerere University, and he holds a Bachelors' in Ethnobotany from Makerere University.

Henry Malcolm Katusabe, Data Collector

Henry is from Uganda and has diverse experience working in communities. Growing up in a small community didn’t stop him from perusing his dreams, and he now plans to go back to school soon for a bachelors’ degree in civil engineering. In late 2018, he joined ETH as a data collector under the dyspepsia project and he is very positive about ETH’s works in the communities of Eastern Uganda.

Natusasira Zubeidah, Nursing Officer

Natusasira Zubeidah has a Diploma in Nursing from Kampala International University. She also holds a certificate in Nursing from Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute. Zubeidahis a dedicated Nursing Officer and she enjoys providing healthcare with dignity and decency.  She is driven by the desire to improve the lives of the under privileged. She is a mother who loves children and seeing her younger patients getting better keeps her smiling.

Eunice Sabano, Clinical Officer

Eunice Sabano attained her Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Mbale School of Clinical Officers. She is a hardworking, self-motivated, goal oriented, team player, who is passionate about her profession, family and community. Eunice is a very sensitive and considerate Clinician who loves working/serving among people with humble backgrounds because she relates with what they experience and it keeps her humble.

Amina Namwebya, Midwife

Amina Namwebya holds a Certificate in Midwifery from Lugazi School of Nursing and Midwifery. She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, honest, reliable and interactive health professional.  Having interned in a rural health center during her training, Amina became passionate about serving people in poor/vulnerable communities and her love and respect for women who bear children in poor conditions continues to grow. She loves celebrating each new birth and safe delivery.

Godfrey Kintu, Accountant

Godfrey Kintu is a practicing Accountant who holds a bachelor’s degree of commerce majoring in Accounting from Busoga University. Before joining ETH-Uganda, Godfrey has worked with several NGOs in the region. He is passionate and loves his profession. He is blessed with two beautiful daughters. During his free time, he likes reading novels, listening to RnB, and going on adventure.

Jade Conway, MPH, Chief Community Officer 

Jade Conway, MPH, graduated from Saint Louis University with her Master's of Public Health. Her primary field of interests are within Maternal & Child Health and Global Health. She integrates biological, demographic, epidemiological, developmental, environmental, behavioral, and social issues unique to the health and well-being of women, children, and families, on both a domestic and global scale. Jade interned with ETH in the summer of 2019 where she and the ETH Maternal and Child Health Team conducted research on ‘factors affecting maternal and child healthcare utilization in the catchment area of Mpunde Health Center’. She is now recognized as the Chief Community Officer where she is linking individuals and opportunities together through art and science.

Faizo Waiswa, Driver

Faizo Waiswa is a driver with five years of experience. Before joining ETH, he was a driver for Uganda National Revenue Authority. In his free time, he likes dancing and listening to music.